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Get to Know Baltimore

Baltimore is the principle city of Maryland, and is the 13th largest city in the United States. It's been given the affectionate nickname "Charm City, USA". The metropolitan area has a population in excess of 2.5 million. More than 100,000 students live in the Baltimore

metropolitan area. If you are a student new to the Baltimore metro area, you may be looking for resources to help you get established. We hope the ones we're sharing here will help you. And of course, if you're already established here, we hope you will find some useful new information.

Baltimore Resources

Johns Hopkins University has created a list of resources for those who live in or are visiting Baltimore:

You can find links to all of these resources and more here. There are also childcare resources for those attending Johns Hopkins University.

Experiencing Baltimore

Baltimore is a spirited city with a unique blend of historic charm, cultural heritage, and urban vitality. With hanging out at the Inner Harbor, attending neighborhood festivals, biking to school, and more, Johns Hopkins medical students and trainees have a lot they love about Baltimore."

There are so many fun activities to be had in Baltimore, year-round. You can find ideas and inspiration here.

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