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Looking For Affordable Housing Near Johns Hopkins?

Map of Baltimore near Johns Hopkins university, with Hopkins View Apartments & Homes highlighted on the map
Find affordable housing near Johns Hopkins

Finding affordable housing near the Johns Hopkins University can be a challenge During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it is also essential to consider your safety when you search for your new home.

The Office of Housing & Residential Life is situated on the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus to assist students, house staff, postdoctoral fellows, staff, and faculty for the School of Medicine, School of Public Health, and School of Nursing with their on-campus and off-campus accommodations. Although the Housing Office’s primary focus is on student needs, they are happy to assist faculty and staff looking to move or relocate in the Baltimore area.

To better assist you with your search in finding the perfect home, the housing website was created to help you find affordable and safe housing in the Baltimore area as well as answer many other questions you may have about Baltimore, student life, daycare, school systems in the city and surrounding counties, and other useful resources.

You can view off-campus listings directly here:

To register:

  • Please click on Sign Up in the upper right corner.

  • Click on guest Sign Up button.

  • Once you click on guest, you’ll be redirected to a password-protected page. You must enter the guest registration password to continue. Please contact the JHMI housing office at to obtain a Guest Password.

Johns Hopkins University does not endorse any of the companies and owners listed above or any other company, products, or services by virtue of making this service accessible to the JHU community. Please contact the Housing Office if you have any additional questions, 410-955-3905 or

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